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“Horter University announces 3-Day summer investment education program for high school seniors, college students”

Horter Investment Management is teaching a three day Introduction to Investment Education Program this summer! Check out the article published in here:
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“Learning How To Retire” Article by Lead Magazine

We were featured in a new LEAD Cincinnati article! Check it out below:

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“DOL Sends Mixed Signals With Fiduciary Rule Delay”

Drew Horter was quoted in Financial Advisor Magazine! Check out the article below:

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“7 Lessons to Master for Financial Literacy Month”


Drew Horter was quoted in U.S. News & World Report! Check out the article below:

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“Horter Investment Management to reduce fees by more than 25 percent”

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Drew Horter on 700 WLW!

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Sophisticated Living March / April

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New Regulations for Investors

We were featured in LEAD Magazine!

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The Upside of Managing the Downside

Mitigating Risk and Creating Alpha with Tactical Asset Managemen


“EXCLUSIVE: Cincinnati money management firm could grow by 30% with new deal”

Fast-growing Cincinnati money management firm Horter Investment Management could boost its managed assets by up to 30 percent thanks to a partnership it has formed with a Chicago-area firm.

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Retirement Investors: Use A Tactical Strategy

quotes-forbesDrew discusses how volatility remains a concern for investors. “Employing a tactical strategy makes a difference when it matters most: during a market downturn. For retirees, drawing down their assets with a core objective of preserving capital, market volatility is disastrous,” he warns.

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Money Tips for People Retiring This Year

Picture3As individuals gear up for retirement, Drew points to investors whose portfolios were affected during the recession. He notes to avoid a similar scenario, investors should consider an active management approach. “The big thing is don’t put yourself in that risk position to jeopardize your retirement date,” he adds.

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Retirement Anxiety

Drew shares what he is seeing in retirees and pre-retirees portfolios—too much exposure to equities. “They’re in a greed stage to get extra money for retirement. They don’t understand the risk parameters,” he explains.

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“Advisers forced to be nimble as fixed-income risk climbs”

quotes-investmentnewsDrew describes his approach to navigating the bond market by applying a tactical overlay strategy to a portfolio of mostly high-yield bond ETFs. “When rates start to rise, all fixed income assets, we believe, will get hurt except for high yield bonds because they are less interest rate sensitive,” he clarifies.

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“After a brief mini-Schwab era, Trust Company of America gets back to non-conformity and success”

Picture4Creating a successful business centers on making a series of good decisions and hard work. Drew is spotlighted for his successful business practices and smart investment approach, the catalysts for the tremendous growth at Horter Investment Management.

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So You Think You’re Ready to Invest for Other Advisors

quotes-financialadvisorDrew explains his decision to transition from a buy-and-hold investment approach to a tactical management style. After receiving tremendous interest in his new approach from clients and other advisors, he now allows other advisors to access his tactical strategies.

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Don’t ignore 2013 as you take stock in 2014

chcago-trib-210At the beginning of a new year, it is critical to take account of your investments and reevaluate their efficacy going forward. Drew alerts investors to reconsider the risks facing their bond portfolio in light of rising interest rate risk.

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“7 Red flags to look for on your financial statements”

business-insider-quoteInvestor brokerage statements arrive quarterly, but are often overlooked. Drew identifies seven “red flags” investors should look for to ensure their portfolio is performing well and their advisor is working in their best interest.

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What’s Your Game Plan for the Stock Market?

Wall St. CheatSheetWhile the stock market endures its daily ups and downs, Drew cautions investors to take account of their risk tolerance. He reminds investors, “What happens like it did in 2007 where the market reached its high, but by the beginning of March 2009, the S&P 500 lost over 50 percent from top to bottom? That means you have to earn 100 percent to get back to even.”

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