Operations Team

Kevin Hetzer – Assistant Director of Operations & Technology

Mr. Hetzer is a key supervisor with our management team and has been with Horter Investment Management, LLC since March 2008. His knowledge encompasses all facets of IAR Support. His responsibilities include daily trading, transfers, distributions, transactional data, model allocations and manual billings.




Jessica Vierling – Trading Supervisor

Emily Doerr – Advisor Development Specialist

Timberly Gillespie – Document Control Specialist

Omar Daas – Trading Support

Shruti Choudhary– Trading Support


Cindy Alexander – IAR Support Specialist

Jasmine Kohli – IAR Support Specialist

Keli Reynolds – IAR Support Specialist

Mandy Perry – IAR Support Specialist

Mitch Deskins – IAR Support Specialist

Ian Gedminas – IAR Support Specialist & Trading Support