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In March 2009, Horter Investment Management LLC advised fewer than $100 million of assets under the care of 40 IARs. Today those assets stand at a fast-rising $800 million serviced by 240 Horter investment advisor representatives.

The leap in assets can be traced to a decision made by the RIA’s principal, Drew Horter, to improve the firm’s use of a multitude of rotating outside managers. Horter’s plan was to take his model-portfolio approach up a notch by including multiple managers and trading them with relatively high frequency. He looked for a new RIA custodian to help make that happen for his Cincinnati-based firm. At the time his custodian was Pershing Advisor Solutions.

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Creating a successful business centers on making a series of good decisions and hard work. Drew is spotlighted for his successful business practices and smart investment approach, the catalysts for the tremendous growth at Horter Investment Management.