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Build A Financial Portfolio

Lets start at the beginning

Ask yourself a few questions
What type of portfolio do you have?
Does it make sense?
Do you feel comfortable?

Unfortunately all too often this is the type of portfolio we see

I think it will do well.
I hope that it does well.
I pray it does well, but I have no idea how or why I should do well.

At Horter Investment Management we teach you the HOW your portfolio should work and WHY it does work the way it does.

Learn our simple method of Tactical Management to help limit downside risk

Build a Financial Portfolio

7 Key Steps

  1. Take our Risk Tolerance Test.
  2. Determine the actual risk exposure of your top 7-10 investments and then review their top to bottom losses in the Great Recession.
  3. Determine the percentage of investments to 3 investment categories:

____% Fixed Assets where you can’t lose your principal but could possibly earn 3-4% per year over the next 5, 10 or 15+ years.
____% Low Risk and Low Volatility1 with a goal of Capital Preservation over time.
____% Moderate Risk portfolio of equities where the portfolio can go “Risk Off2” to cash or potentially make money even if the stock market is going up or down.

  1. Review “Aggregate Manager Performance of the “Sleeve” of managers in the Low or Moderate Risk portfolios.
  2. Daily management of the portfolio to determine the Relative Strength or the Trend Following aspects of the portfolio.
  3. Monitor the overall plan with at least 1 meetings per year.
  4. Make portfolio adjustments as needed.

Are you satisfied with your current advisor?

Do you have any investable assets?

Which would you prefer to have?

1 Low risk, low volatility2 High risk, higher volatility

How did your portfolio perform during any market downturns?

2 There is no guarantee that managers will be able to avoid future market losses by going risk off to cash.  In addition, holding cash may carry the risk that a manager will not be invested during periods of positive market performance.