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Planning Your Retirement

What You Will Learn?


The truth about annuities and what to be aware of.


• Why so many retirees are in danger of outliving
their money, and steps you can take to help avoid it.


• The sources of retirement income – including
updates on Social Security — and how to build a
satisfactory retirement income plan of your own.



Who Should Attend?


• Individuals and couples between the ages of 50
and 70.


• Those concerned about our financial markets &
wanting to prepare for the next recession.


• Baby Boomers looking for guidance based on
recent academic research.



Why Now?


• The 6 basic traditional rules of thumb for
retirement may no longer apply.


• Global market instability and volatility necessitates


• You only get one shot at retirement. Make it count.


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Insurance and annuity products are not sold through Horter Investment Management, LLC (“Horter”).  Horter does not endorse any annuity or insurance products nor does it guarantee their performance.  Owners of these products are subject to the terms and conditions of the policies and contracts of the issuing companies.  All product guarantees depend on the insurance company’s financial strength and claims-paying ability.