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Retirement Planning Tools

There are several phases to a Retirement Plan.

  • Portfolio Management
    • Determine your Risk Tolerance
    • Determine the current risk of your existing portfolio
    • Is it a Hope and a Prayer portfolio?
    • Are you working with a Fiduciary or a commission-based Broker?
  • Income Planning
    • Choose the right Social Security option for you and your spouse. Our experts can help you review all of your many choices and file online for you as well.
    • What Pension decision makes the most sense for you and your spouse?
    • How to distribute funds from your portfolio:
      • Determine you annual distribution rate
      • Determine your portfolio direct deposits
      • Develop an Income Plan
      • Does a Joint Guaranteed Income Stream make sense for the rest of both your lives?
    • Estate Planning – Are your Wills, Living Wills, Durable Power of Attorney and Healthcare Power of Attorney documents up to date?
      • Is your Trust Updated?
    • Long Term Nursing Care Coverage
      • Yes or No and understand the consequences of “No.”
      • What type of coverage is most popular and not “use it or lose it.”
    • Longevity Risk
      • What happens if you live too long?
    • Income Tax Planning with our CPA.

Learn How To…

tools-small— Social Security options
— Calculate how to become a millionaire
— Use Yahoo Finance Chart to determine risk
— Investment performance and other key info
— What exactly is low risk, low volatility1?
— How to not run out of money before your retirement
— How to provide legacy planning and avoid paying unnecessary taxes

Where is the Market going?


Click to view full chart on Yahoo Finance

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